5 Reasons Why Tub Readers are Going CRAZY Over This Bath Bundle

Made by a Brand called LuxeBath, this bath bundle is going viral on the internet. Readers around the world are raving about how it's the perfect way to read in the tub!

"Having a very stressful job, I always look forward to a nice book during a bath. This Bath bundle lets me read in the tub in ultimate luxury." - Lisa

1) Easily read and relax in the tub at the same time, without any worries!

Say good bye to getting your pages wet and dropping your book in the tub. Embrace the better way to read in the tub with the LuxeBath bridge!

It's built specifically with you readers in mind, with a foldable spot for your kindle or physical book.

Pair it with a candle, a nice glass of wine, and just like that you have the ultimate relaxation experience.

2) Enjoy your novel in the tub without laying on that cold hard tub surface

Reading as you bathe is such an amazing relaxing experience.


But, a huge problem with taking a bath is that the tub can get SUPER uncomfortable, with its cold and hard surface.


The LuxeBath Pillow acts as the perfect barrier between body and cold hard tub. It’s super soft and sticks to the tub, so that book worms can get lost in their favourite novel in the tub without any neck or back discomfort!

As a mom and therapist, I take my baths seriously and was stoked try this bath pillow. It blew all my expectations. The LuxeBath pillow gives the perfect amount of support for a tired head, neck, and back, making baths an unreal experience.

- Susan B.

3) Craft your own magical wine and book night.

Who says the perfect bath doesn't exist? Craft your own amazing bath night with the LuxeBath Bridge's versatile design.

Feeling in a luxurious mood? Place down a glass of champagne, snacks, and your favorite novel to create your own ultimate relaxation experience.

For a romantic touch add some rose petals to your bath along side some, delicious chocolates and a romance novel for your perfect night in.

4) Low maintenance and super easy to clean and store.

Knowing that people have a busy schedule, LuxeBath knew they had to make a bath bundle that was both low maintenance and easy to take care of.

They did exactly that - Not only is each bath pillow amazingly comfortable, but each bath pillow is also super easy to clean and put away.

After use, simply hang it up with it's built in hook, and let dry. Voila, just like that, the bath pillow will dry overnight and its antibacterial mesh will prevent mold from growing.

For the Bath bridge, the same goes - let it air dry in a ventilated area and you will be good to go!

5) It universally fits on pretty much all bathtubs

Unlike other bath pillows that have a weak suction fit, the LuxeBath pillow features 4 super strong suction cups. It easily attaches to any tub surface and strong enough to support you for hours.

The Bath Pillow also universally attaches to virtually any tub surface including bath tubs, hot tubs, and jacuzzis.

It's super simple to attach - simply wet the suckers and firmly push down on your desired location. In just an instant, upgrade any tub and enhance your baths with the pillow!

The bath bridge also extends out to 105 cm, to fit pretty much any tub as well!

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