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Luxebath™ Squeegee made cleaning my shower a breeze and now part of my daily routine!

The one bathroom item that helping thousands keep their showers mold free!

Posted By Jason Crowe On Oct 20 2022 at 11:43 am

My husband calls it OCD, but dirty and messy bathrooms are my biggest pet peeve. I just can’t have a nice shower if my bathroom is not in order. It used to be my daily struggle because not a single person in my household knows how to clean up after themselves. 

Besides, I want my children to grow up in a healthy environment and not be in constant danger of catching something or developing a chronic illness from all the mold and residue that builds up if not regularly cleaned. 

Cleaning large surfaces with simple wipes and sponges isn’t practical. These are inefficient and uninspiring long-term solutions for keeping the bathroom looking shiny.

Most often, they break down fast and usually do little more than smear the shampoo and body wash residues. It won’t only kill your time and make a mess; it will do in your back, too, if you have big shower walls and doors.

I was ranting about all this to a friend, and she stopped me to tell me about Luxebath™ Squeegee. At first, it seemed like a cute little addition to my bathroom, but when I started using it, it proved to be so much more!

So, What Makes This Squeegee So Special?

Keeping the dirt at bay is genuinely exhausting. It is repetitive, unglamorous, and gets in the way of spending your precious time how you truly want. But with Squeegee, all that becomes a matter of the past.

Squeegee by Luxebath™ is the ultimate bathroom surface cleaning tool. The high-quality and compact design makes it the best bathroom cleaning tool I’ll ever try!

It’s small and sturdy but light and extremely practical. Instead of struggling with a ton of sponges, mops, and cleaning sprays, I can just pull out this little baby and wipe the mess away.

It can cover even the largest surfaces in seconds and make them look brand new. The smallness, cuteness, and practicality of this little tool will make you fall in love with it instantly!

How about a stylish, quality-built, long-lasting solution that will eliminate all the hassle?

Looking at the Squeegee, you will first notice its sleek, monochrome, and minimal design. Its simple shape aims to blend the product in with your bathroom and reduce visual clutter. 

But it’s obvious that looking sleek isn’t the only goal here. The silicon rubber the squeegee's made out of provides multiple benefits:

💪 It is resistant to mold and rust, which will prolong its lifespan compared to a generic product.

💪 The silicon’s surface friction makes it a sturdy and reliable tool, pleasant to the touch. Navigating the corners of your bathroom will never feel easier or faster!

Unmatched high-quality and ease of use 

The squeegee also comes with a matching low-profile functional and convenient handle. It works hand in hand with the rest of the design: staying out of your way, ready to jump in your cleaning routine.


Hang it on your shower door or any compatible surface you can find! This way, you’re guaranteed a dry squeegee whenever you need it!

Colors that blend into any bathroom 

Last but not least, the Matte Black and Smooth White color versions ensure the squeegee looks like a natural part of any modern bathroom.

Don’t wait until Squeegee goes out of stock! Visit the LuxeBath™ official website to order squeegee now and make your bathroom clean and shiny at all times!

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