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I Was Spending Hundreds of $$$ Each Week In The Spa… But This Bath Bundle Turned My Life Upside Down!

Why waste hundreds of dollars on a spa, when I can have it in my home for a fraction of the price?

By: Jason Crowe | Oct 28 2022

I was spending hundreds of $$$ each week…

… just to indulge in the sweet relaxation of my favorite spa resort.

I always had a weak spot for self-care and luxury…

I just love when my skin feels clean and soft, like it's made out of silk…

And not to mention that high-quality spa treatment makes me feel like I’m royalty!

But I must admit, I was not modest about it.

I was spending at least $400 each week just on my spa treatments.

But I was simply addicted to that elevated mood and silky-smooth feeling across my body…

… and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to stop.

But the expenses grew, and then 2020 came, and going to the spa every other day became unfeasible…

… also my husband was slowly but surely getting more and more annoyed by my immodest habits.

First I was forced to stop going to the spa that often. I was limited to once a week.

But after 2020, spa resorts closed their doors to the public, and I couldn’t go at all.

Saving money was awesome, but I missed my luxury spa retreats too much…

… I just had to find another solution!

One day, after my private yoga class, I was talking to my instructor…

… telling her how I missed my favorite spa and how everything hurts ever since I stopped going…

She stopped for a second, and I could see her thinking…

She said “You know what, let’s take a walk to my apartment…… it’s just around the corner, I want to show you something.”

While we were walking, she started explaining “I think I have something that will brighten your day”

“Okay, you have my attention” I said

When we arrived at her apartment, she went into her bathroom…

… and came out carrying a pillow and a bamboo bridge.

“This is Bath Bundle by LuxeBath, and this is what you’re looking for”

I was like, what are you talking about? What bath bundle? What LuxeBath?

“You see these 4 suction cups over here?”


“You attach it to your tub and it stays in place”

“And its ergonomic design supports your back and shoulders…

… while the cushiony material makes you feel like you’re on a cloud”

She added “try this and you’ll have a spa in your own home - FOR FREE!”

I must admit, it did feel EXTREMELY SOFT to touch, and it looked like something I could use in my own bathroom.

Then my yoga instructor said:

“How about this? Take it home, try it for a day or two, and then bring it back. If you like it, I’ll tell you where to get it.”

How could I say no?

So I took the bath pillow home to try it…

… And my God, I was thrilled!

The relaxation, the peace, and the tranquility that I felt…

…it was the closest feeling to what I’d feel after the spa!

And it cost a fraction of what a spa would cost me!

My yoga teacher hooked me. I dare to say - for life.

I immediately went to LuxeBath’s official website to see what they have to offer.

The site said that its ergonomic design supports the neck, back, and shoulders during baths...

...and that it would turn my bathroom into a spa resort.

Okay, good sir. I can testify to that.

Add to cart. Checkout. Purchase. Done.

It took two weeks before the package arrived.

And when I saw all the details they included, I FELL IN LOVE!

The first green flag was that the bath pillow was neatly packaged and smelled quite nice...

Second, the bath bridge was even sturdier than I remembered..

So, it can hold a bottle of wine, a book, and a tablet for music. Noted.

But my excitement peaked when I saw that they included dried roses as a gift!

I immediately decided I want the whole treatment, just like the good old days!

✅ Bottle of my best wine

✅ TV show Friends on my tablet (at max volume to drown out the noise)

✅ Scented candles

✅ Rose leaves all over the bathroom

Guys, I never knew my own tub can be so comfortable.

As soon as I lay down in the warm water...

... I can feel my muscles shaking from relaxation…

… and my bones took a deep, long sigh that vibrated throughout my body.

I couldn’t even focus on Friends, my favorite tv show...

I just turned on some relaxing music and let my mind drift away as my body was going through the most intense relaxation I’ve ever felt.

I don’t know if this bath bundle is really designed to make me feel like this...

... or if it’s just a mix of factors working together to create one of the most pleasurable experiences in my life...

...Whatever it is, this LuxeBath company has it.

I felt like an addict who got their dose after a very long time

And unlike before, I didn’t have to wait 2 or 3 days before I could enjoy it again.

I made my spa bath immediately the next day. And the next day. And the day after that.

I was hooked! I have my own spa and I don’t have to pay hundreds to enjoy it!

In the first 7 days, I realized that I’m never going to the spa again.

Why would I allow myself to spend hundreds of $$$ each week…

…. When I can have the same experience in my own home?

The world had colors again!

Bathing with LuxeBath became a part of my daily routine.

I loved it so much that I made a list of 7 reasons why this bath bundle is so much better than the spa:

1. It saved me thousands of $$$

Simply by not having to go to the spa every second day, I save hundreds of $$$ each week.

For me, that’s A LOT!

We were even able to start saving for a new car.

2. I can have my favorite snack and drink during my bath

The bath pillow on its own is awesome.

But the spa experience wouldn’t be complete without the bamboo bridge that allows you to have all your favorite things literally in front of you.

With LuxeBath’s Bath Bundle, you can sit in your bath for hours without even thinking about going out.

3. It gives me peace and quiet when I need it.

I no longer have to suffer through the noise and crowd that usually plagues spa centers.

I don’t have to answer anyone’s questions... I don’t have to be insecure about my body...

I can just leave the world behind and dive into my sweet oasis of comfort and relaxation.

4. It’s easy to use and store

I feel like people at LuxeBath know my bathroom is small, and there’s not much space around.

But this pillow can be easily folded and stored in my closet, and I wouldn’t even know it’s there until I need it.

5. I have my own spa-sanctuary

I really loved going to the spa. But I didn’t like other people going there.

I didn’t like the fuss, the random questions, and the unwanted looks.

But all of that is gone now.

My bathroom is my own sanctuary that nothing and no one can spoil.

6. I don’t have to go anywhere now



Finding available terms?

All those things are a thing of the past now.

I can have my own full-blown spa experience in the confines of my own home 7. Spa - when I want it, where I want it.

Before I discovered LuxeBath and their Bath Bundle...

There were a lot of weeks when I just didn’t have enough time to go to the spa...

Or I simply couldn’t afford it...

And I was left suffering debilitating pain for days, having brief periods free from pain only in my sleep...

But with this Bath Bundle, I can relax in my spa - when I want it, where I want it - FOR FREE!

Here’s how it works

So, this bath bundle is the most simplest thing in the world to use.

All you have to do is place it on your tub, and 4 strong suction cups will keep it from sliding away.

And just dive in and let the warm water take away the accumulated stress and tension from your body.

When you’re done, hang it somewhere until it fully dries to prevent molding.

And that’s it!

I discovered that you can even use bath bombs - it doesn’t stain and stays white no matter what type of bath bomb you use.

I know it sounds like a stretch...

But this bath bundle has improved the quality of my life so much that I am forever grateful to LuxeBath for existing!

I feel like my favorite candy is back in my hands…

And I don’t have to spend a fortune to treat myself.

If you’re like me and you love the spa to the sky…

… but can’t afford to go regulatory…

…Or you have a demanding job that puts a lot of strain on your body…

Then I strongly encourage you to try LuxeBath’s Bath Bundle - I promise it will improve your life!

And if you check out their website, you’ll find thousands of reviews from people with similar experiences

Here are just some of them:

"I recently purchased this ultra-soft bath pillow and I am beyond impressed! The plushiness and breathability make my bathing experience feel like a luxurious spa treatment. I have saved so much money by transforming my bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary, and my neck, back, and shoulders are extremely grateful!"

- Zoe

"This bath pillow is a game-changer! The ergonomic design provides exceptional support for my neck, back, and shoulders, making my bath time a truly rejuvenating experience. The four strong suction cups keep it securely in place and it's incredibly easy to set up. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone looking to elevate their bath experience."

- Josie

"I suffer from chronic pain, and this ultra-soft, plushy bath pillow has been a lifesaver. Not only does it save me money by creating a spa-like atmosphere at home, but it also eases my pain by providing excellent support for my neck, back, and shoulders. I can't imagine taking a bath without it now!"

- Mary

"I am absolutely in love with my new bath pillow! It's incredibly soft, plushy, and breathable, making my baths feel like a high-end spa experience. The ergonomic design supports my neck, back, and shoulders, allowing me to truly relax and unwind. Plus, it fits all types of bathtubs and is super easy to set up and use."

- Katie

To read more reviews like this, visit LuxeBath’s official website

Life is too short not to treat yourself with what you deserve!

Try LuxeBath’s Bath Bundle Now and take the first step towards a better, pain-free, and luxurious life!

I promise you will fall in love even after the first try!

But if you’re not happy in 30 days…

...The good people of LuxeBath are ready to offer a full refund!

Yes, you read that right!

If you’re not happy with this bath bundle, and if your spa-at-home experience does not transform into a pure, ecstatic bliss and relief - they will return 100% of the purchase price.

Simply contact their support team at 1 (888) 376-1223 or email them at, and they will get back to you in no time!

Click the button now to check if it’s available

Click the button now to check if it’s available

***Important update***: Monday, April 24. 2023

Since writing this article, LuxeBath told us that the demand has never been higher and their stock is running dangerously low. That’s why they want YOU to grab your bath bundle, and they are prepared to offer 35% OFF without delay!

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