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7 Gifts to NEVER Give Your Wife (And the One She’ll Cherish!)

Buying a holiday gift for your spouse can be stressful — we get it. While you might not always hit the nail on the head with your gift-giving, use this list as a guide for presents you should never buy your spouse (unless you want to sleep on the couch!)

By Alex Cormier | Sep 19, 2023 | 11:14 am EDT

1. Kitchen/Household Appliances:

It might seem practical to gift that new blender or toaster, but unless she's specifically expressed a desire, it might just seem like you're pushing domestic duties on her. Gifts should evoke joy, not remind her of daily chores.

What to get her instead:

2. Tacky Jewelry

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, but there's a fine line between chic and cheap. Go for quality over flashiness; otherwise, that necklace might just stay hidden at the bottom of her jewelry box.

3. Budget perfumes

A fragrance should resonate with her personality, evoking cherished memories. Randomly chosen scents can miss the mark and end up collecting dust on her vanity.

What to get her instead:

4. Clothing And Fashion 

Fashion is deeply personal. Unless you've caught her eyeing a specific dress or sweater, there's a good chance you're diving into risky territory. Wrong sizes or styles can send unintended messages.

5. Secretly-for-You Gifts:

That gaming console or new gadget might be on your wishlist, but is it on hers? A gift should be a testament to her tastes, not a sneaky addition to your collection.

What to get her instead:

6. Exercise Gear And Fitness Equipment

Fitness gifts can be great if she's into health and wellness, but out of the blue? It can seem like you're hinting at something else. It's crucial to be sensitive and considerate in your choices.

7. Random Gift Cards

While they might seem like a safe bet, impersonal gift cards can sometimes feel like an afterthought. If you're going the gift card route, make sure it's for a place she genuinely loves.

The Best Gift To Get Her Instead

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