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Escobilla de ducha de LuxeBath™
  • Instantly Cleans Your Glass Shower Door

  • Convenient Built In Hanging Hook
  • Unique Durable Silicone Build

  • Beautiful Upscale Design To Match Your Bathroom

Shipping and Delivery

Due to high demand and the pandemic, shipping has been slightly delayed. Expect to receive your order in between 15-25 business days.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not in love with the product? Easily get a refund or return the item within 30 days. Just contact our support team -

Keep Your Shower Door Sparkly Clean 

Theres nothing worse than a smudged, dirty glass shower door...

Instantly upgrade your shower aesthetic by cleaning it with this sleek squeegee thats transforming thousands of bathrooms around the world.

Beautiful and practical, never forget to clean your shower door again with its built in hook!

Wipe Away Grime, Smudges, And Water With Just One Swipe

A beautiful functional squeegee that will keep your bathroom clean and blend in with your bathroom.

Easily hangs on your shower door for quick access. Just one swipe is all it takes!

Best Squeegee On The Market

Forget cheap plastic flimsy squeegees and get one that matches your look and upscale bathroom.

5 Reasons why our squeegee is chosen by thousands:

✅ Anti-mold and anti-rust

✅ Clean your bathroom fast 

✅ Multipurpose design

✅ Matches with your bathroom 

✅ Comes with a handle

Easily Clean Your Shower Door And Surface

Just wipe and watch as the silicone surface draws in water and removes soap.

It's both beautiful and practical with its smooth cutting edges that adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Your Return Policy Work?

We are very flexible and easy going with our return policy. You have 30 days after you receive your product to return your item if you do not like it once. To start the return process just email us at!

Is The Squeegee Truly Effective?

Yes it is! Just as in the video, with one swipe you can instantly clear your glass door of smudges, water droplets, and soap scum.

How Long Does The Shower Squeegee Last For?

We've had reports of customers using the shower squeegee for 2 years and its still in good condition. Just make sure to properly clean and dry the squeegee after each use and to not be too rough with it!

Whats The Big Deal About The Hanger?

Our customers LOVE how the squeegee comes in with a built in hanger hook that lets you attach it to your shower door. This ensures that they will always have quick access to the squeegee!

What Can I Clean With This?

As the name states, the Shower Squeegee is really meant for glass on a glass shower but you can use it on any glass surface like windows, mirrors, and screen doors!

Does The Squeegee Contain Any Harmful Substances?

No! It's 100% natural and is made from simple materials like silicone and rubber! Keep your shower door clean and clear without added harsh chemicals!