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Paquete de almohada de baño y puente de LuxeBath™
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We ship out our items from our Las Vegas warehouse via local fulfilment routes like USPS + DHL. You can expect to receive your bath bundle within 4-7 business days!

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Destress And Unwind With An Out Of This World Bath

Experience the ultimate anti-aging bath ritual with our LuxeBath™ Pillow + Bath Bridge Bundle.

The Bath Pillow, incredibly soft yet supportive, cradles your neck, back, and shoulders, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

The bath bridge, both functional and elegant, securely holds your rejuvenating essentials, turning every bath into a luxurious skin-revitalizing retreat.

Relax the neck, back, and shoulders 

Turn back the hands of time in the tub. Give yourself the gift of youthful relaxation!

You'll sink into our bath pillow's 3D ergonomic design, perfect for supporting the contours of her body.

Treat yourself to a transformative bath experience – rejuvenate skin, alleviate stress, and embrace the essence of luxury. Everyone deserves that escape from day to day life.

Made from select materials - it's ultra soft and breathable

Each LuxeBath pillow is crafted from premium polyester and is soft to touch and dries fast with its breathable vented design.

To dry, just hang the pillow up with the built in hook.

You'll love how easy it is to clean!

Universal fit on all tub surfaces

The LuxeBath Pillow fits on any bathtub, jacuzzi, hot tub, or shower surface.

With 4 strong suction cups, it will firmly grasp onto any tub surface and will stay upright for use.

Order now and get extra free bonuses and gifts

We truly want as many individuals in the world to harness the rejuvenating effect of taking a bath with our bundle.

So for a limited time only, we are offering multiple FREE bonuses to the next 100 customers. 

Order now and you will receive a free bundle of dried roses and two free ebooks, total $80 in free bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Bath Pillow support heavier people?

Yes! The Bath Pillow's strong suction cups is designed to support people of all sizes, weights, and heights!

Will the Bath Pillow fit my tub?

Our Bath Pillow has a Universal Fit application on all bath tubs, hot tubs, jacuzzis, and showers.

How big is the Bath Bridge? Will it fit my tub?

The Bath Bridge adjusts from 75 cm to 105 cm. It should fit most tubs and jacuzzis.

What I receive my bath bundle and do not like it

Contact our support team and we will gladly make things right - we'll give you a refund, return or partial discount depending on the situation.

How does a bath pillow bundle help with aging skin?

By creating a more comfortable and relaxing bath experience, the LuxeBath Pillow Bundle can help reduce stress, which in turn can lead to a decrease in stress-induced skin issues such as wrinkles and inflammation. In essence, pairing your skincare routine with a relaxing bath facilitated by our bath pillow bundle can amplify the benefits and help combat the signs of aging.