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​​A Bath Pillow that improved my marriage… And made my wife a happy woman!

The one thing that saved my marriage.... you wouldn't believe it!

Posted By Jason Crowe On Oct 28 2022 at 11:43 am

When I first bought LuxeBath™️ Relaxation Bundle for my wife, I thought I’d just purchased another gimmick product that would be used once and left aside, never to be seen again… 

Boy, was I wrong!

To fully understand how impactful this Bath Pillow was for my marriage, I first have to tell you what was going on with my wife.

My wife doesn’t get many opportunities to unwind and relieve stress between children and work. She used to go the spa every couple of weeks. But ever since the lockdown, that was no longer an option.

Little by little, I noticed how she became more and more depressed. It was like someone sucked all the happiness out of her. All she got left was her remote job and the kids, and it was apparent it was taking its toll on her.

We started arguing more. She’d become irritated by little things she wouldn’t have noticed before. Even our children noticed their mother wasn’t quite the same.

Before suggesting therapy or anti-depressants, I wanted to make sure I exhausted all my options. 

I tried taking her out for walks and bike rides. We tried doing different activities together, but she’d always return to her old state the next day. I knew I had to do something…


One day, a friend told me about this amazing Bath Bundle by LuxeBath™. As he talked, a voice inside told me it was worth checking out. 


I went to LuxeBath’s official website and ordered their Ultimate Relaxation Bundle.

It turned out that buying the Bath Bundle was the wisest decision ever!

The Bath Pillow and the Bath Bridge came into my mail after a few weeks, and I gave them to my wife the first chance I got. Or better to say, when our kids weren’t around.


At first, she didn’t look enthusiastic. She appreciated the gesture but wasn’t entirely thrilled, as she thought it to be a waste of money. I said to myself, “at least you tried,” and went to work.


When I came home, guess where I found my wife! In the bath. Purring like a cat on the Bath

Pillow and with a glass of wine on the Bamboo Bridge.


I’m a bulky guy, so to join her wouldn’t be very feasible for either of us. So, I opened another wine bottle and sat in the living room until she was done with her bath.


When she came down, she looked like she was 20 again. Fresh, relaxed, and smiling. We sat down, we hugged, and we started talking.


I don’t know if it’s this fantastic pillow, the bath, or just the de-stressing she had in the past week, but she finally opened up and started talking about what was troubling her.


It wasn’t long before she started using LuxeBath’s amazing Bath Pillowdaily. And she never looked happier. It was precisely what she needed!


And it’s already been a year, and our marriage has never been better.

A couple of things I noticed about this incredible Bath Pillow

I’m not much of a bath guy. I prefer showers. In and out, and go on with my day. 

But when I noticed how my wife had changed since I got her this Bath Bundle from LuxeBath™, I had to try it myself.


Here’s what I found out:

✅ It’s unbelievably comfortable

Bath Pillow transforms even the most mundane bathtub into a five-star spa. Add the whole LuxeBath™️ Pillow Bundle into the mix, and your wife just got a complete spa treatment without ever leaving the house.

✅ It eliminates all pain in the neck, shoulders, and back

You may bring stress into the house, but it’s not leaving that bath, I’m telling you. Forget about that cold ceramic feeling that makes you feel every bone in your body. With LuxeBath™️ Pillow, your wife will feel like she’s on a cloud.

✅ It improves mood and helps you sleep

Ever since I bought the LuxeBath™️ Pillow, my wife has been healthier and happier, and our days no longer end with our backs turned to each other. I feel like this is one of the most efficient ways to relieve stress without resorting to pills or other unnatural ways.

✅ It’s super easy to clean and maintain

I think that if this were one of those amazing things that require a lot of cleaning after use, it wouldn’t be worth half of its price. After she’s done, my wife can simply hang it up with its built-in hook, and it will be clean and dry by the morning. Plus, antibacterial mesh keeps the Bath Pillow free from mold.

✅ It can be attached to any tub surface

LuxeBath™️ Pillow has four strong suction cups that are easily attached to any bathtub you may have at home, and they stay fixed for hours. We have an ordinary bathtub, but it will make no difference if you have a hot tub or a jacuzzi at home.

✅ It’s an excellent gift for any occasion

Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, you name it - LuxeBath™️ Pillow Bundleis a perfect gift for any woman. And I won’t lie to you. Any man will want to use it too. It’s a great way to take the edge off the day naturally.

✅ It improves your romantic life… Drastically!

Guess what - it’s not that she stopped loving me. When both of you go to bed full of accumulated stress, it’s hard to have any romantic feelings within you. But when you’re both rejuvenated after a long hot bath with LuxeBath™️ Pillow, you have the energy to do things like you’re 20 again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Ready To Help Your Wife Destress?

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I hope it will save your marriage as it saved mine!

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It would be a sin to prevent people from being able to afford such a fantastic bath bundle that naturally relieves pain and stress and helps couples preserve their intimacy.

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