Made from select materials

Each LuxeBath pillow is crafted from premium polyester and is soft to touch and dries fast with its breathable vented design.

Universal fit on all tubS

With 4 strong suction cups, it will firmly grasp onto any tub surface and will stay upright for use.

ultra soft and breathable

Heavenly soft to touch, the Bath Pillow supports the neck, back, and shoulders during baths. 


Customer Reviews

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Total heaven __

HOLY WOW I can't believe I've never tried one of these, and had it on my list for years! PAMPER yourselves people. Get one. I'm sure they're all awesome, but dang, this is a luxury I didn't know I needed. And it comes with a bag to wash it in!! For my big lazy butt. So happy!

I wish that I could could give this 10 stars!

Let me tell you!!!

Every woman and man needs this pillow in your life. You would think that it would be comfortable but it is. You would think that it's not relaxing but it is.

Wow , I am pleasantly pleased, relaxed, and love the value.

I need another one for each bathroom and one to travel with. This pillow will be your best friend. Lol

All I have to say is WOW!

Very nice quality and the suctions are strong

So far so good. I just used this for the first time last night and the pillow surprisingly stayed put the entire bath time. And I like to take long soaks. Usually 45 minutes to an hour. I read a few other reviews saying that the suction wasn't the best, so I sort of expected it to come off or slide around but, nope. I also put epsom salt and bentonite clay in my bath soak so I thought that might weaken the suction power but the suction cups remained strong. Overall this pillow is comfy and has definitely enhanced my bath soaks. So far I'm happy with my purchase and the overall quality seems very good. Like I said, I've only used it once so far but hopefully it continues to work well. I'll give an update after I've used it for some time.

SOO comfortable

I used this recently for my bath, and it suctioned very well! Make sure to suction it before filling the tub up with water.

Very comfortable, it helps my back a lot and helps me enjoy my small nyc bathtub even more haha!

Ive always wanted to get one and this one was very affordable and comfortable, I love it!! It was worth the price!

Amazingly comfortable and relaxing

I've used the pillow 3-4 times now and absolutely love it. It's the perfect size and feel. Some bath pillows are too small and give you a cramp in your neck but not this one. It's so comfortable. The suction cups on the back work great for holding the pillow in place. It does not slip at all.