7 Reasons Why Moms LOVE This Bath Pillow

Made by a Brand called LuxeBath, these bath pillows are going viral on the internet. Moms around the world are raving about how much they love them on social media. 

"Having just had a child, I was really looking for a relaxing way to enjoy my bathtub. This Bath Pillow is incredibly comfortable and makes baths 1000x better." - Lisa

1) Turns bathing into a luxury spa experience, giving moms much needed me time.

After a long day of work, taking care of the kids, cleaning around the house, mom’s deserve true relaxation. With the LuxeBath pillow, they get more than that – they get a luxury spa experience in the comfort of their own home.


Tuck the kids away for bed, pop out a nice bottle of wine, light and candle, and stick on the LuxeBath pillow onto the tub. Just like that, have a way to relieve stress and relax, without ever leaving the house!

2) Makes baths absolutely comfortable and pain free

Baths are one of the best ways to relax, unwind, and relieve stress. The warmth of the water is simply soothing and calms down a stressed and anxious mind, relieving tension throughout the body.


But, a huge problem with baths is that the tub can get SUPER uncomfortable, with its cold and hard surface.


The LuxeBath Pillow acts as the perfect barrier between body and cold hard tub. It’s super soft and sticks to the tub, so that moms can bathe in absolute comfort without any neck or back pain!

As a mom and therapist, I take my baths seriously and was stoked try this bath pillow. It blew all my expectations. The LuxeBath pillow gives the perfect amount of support for a tired head, neck, and back - making baths an unreal experience.

- Susan B.

3) Relieves stress, improves mood, and improves sleep 

By having proper relaxation and self care, the Bath Pillow helps moms lower their stress levels which can have a huge effect on health and wellness.

Studies have shown that lower stress can lead to better sleep, better mood, more energy, and even better weight management.

Moms praise the bath pillow's rejuvenating effect, which allows them to recharge, and be ready to kick butt the next day!

4) Low maintenance and super easy to clean and store

Knowing that moms have a busy schedule, LuxeBath knew they had to make a bath pillow that was both low maintenance and easy to take care of.

They did exactly that - Not only is each bath pillow amazingly comfortable, but each bath pillow is also super easy to clean and put away.

After use, simply hang it up with it's built in hook, and let dry. Voila, just like that, the bath pillow will dry overnight and its antibacterial mesh will prevent mold from growing.

5) Take amazing long baths, with or without a child

Moms love how the bath pillow makes staying in the tub for extended periods of time easy. This makes it perfect for both relaxation and to use when bathing their little ones.

It can get tiring bending, squatting, and trying to find the perfect angle to sit in when giving your little one a bath.

The bath pillow makes it super easy and pain free - just lay on the nice cushiony pad of the bath pillow and wash away (or relax by yourself without your kiddo)

We LOVE our bath pillow! Being able to sit back and relax with the pillow, has made it so much easier to bathe with my daughter. It has great support and it’s so comfy! So glad we purchased!

- Grace Z.

6) Husbands will love it too - will praise their wives for getting one (and might end up taking it)

The brand has had countless stories of how moms bought the bath pillow for themselves but their husbands ended up being the ones using it the most haha!

Some moms even report that they had to order another one for themselves as their husbands wouldn't want to share.

We're not surprised - as the bath pillow seems to actually make a huge difference on baths. I wouldn't want to bathe without one after trying the bath pillow.

7) It makes for an amazing gift for any one who loves to take baths!

The final reason why moms love this bath pillow? It's an amazing gift!

It's perfect for surprising any bath lover on their birthday, for christmas, mother's day, just for any occasion!

One mom even bought a few pillows for her circle of mom friends - who all absolutely loved it and all of them to this day still use the bath pillow!

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