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Women Are Ditching The Spa For This At-Home Relaxation Experience

LuxeBath’s Ultimate Relaxation Experience “turns your bathroom into a spa oasis"

Posted By Homeholics Staff On Oct 28 2022 at 11:43 am

Ever dreamt of having a relaxing spa oasis in your own home? Well, now LuxeBath™ makes it a reality.

We’re not going to lie – here at Homeholics we’re total relaxation junkies. So when we heard about a new way to turn your bathroom into an at-home spa, we had to check it out.

Because – let’s be real – who’s got the time (or the cash) to rush to the spa every time stress comes knocking.

We’ve seen this new relaxation experience blowing up on social media. Thousands of women are raving about how they’re using it to unwind after a tough day.

It’s called the Ultimate Relaxation Experience from LuxeBath™. It’s a bundle with their Bath Pillow and Bamboo Bath Bridge.

The LuxeBath™ Bath Pillow– Say goodbye to laying on a cold, hard tub! 

The Bath Pillow is designed to perfectly support your upper body in the tub. So you can lay back and loosen up. Honestly, we didn’t even realize we needed this until we tried it out! And, let me tell you, it is an absolute game-changer.

Then the Bath Bridge is totally genius. It’s designed to hold your drinks and entertainment while you soak. 

And, in short, it truly transforms any bath experience. So you can escape the outside world with a big glass of red wine, a scented candle, and a good old movie binge. 

Now you can binge your latest series undisturbed with The LuxeBath™ Bamboo Bath Bridge

The bridge is extendable to perfectly fit any tub. And it’s made out of bamboo – Which means it’s antibacterial, so it doesn’t get damp and gross.

“I haven’t been back to the Spa once since I got my Ultimate Relaxation Experience” - Mary

Mary discovered LuxeBath™ when lockdown meant she couldn’t make her usual monthly spa trips.

“I used to love going to the spa, but when lockdown hit, I had to find an alternative. I stumbled upon the LuxeBath™ Ultimate Relaxation Experience on Facebook.” Mary explains.

“The whole bundle cost less than a single day at my local spa. But I soon found out it’s way more relaxing than even the most luxurious spa package.” 

“I don’t have to drive all the way to the spa, or worry about booking a slot. I just close the bathroom door and my spa oasis is right there. So I can use it every night if I like. With the Bath Bridge, I can watch whatever I want on my iPad. Or play my favorite music from my phone while I read a book.” 

“I used to feel guilty about taking the whole day at the spa – being away from my family, thinking about that last work email I should have sent. But now I have this little oasis set up in my own bathroom. Even after just a half hour soak, I feel recharged and ready to take on whatever life throws. My family knows this is ‘me time’ but it doesn’t feel selfish because I’m just down the hall”

“I haven’t been back to the Spa once since getting the Ultimate Relaxation Experience. And I’m not sure I’ll ever go back again. Why would I? As soon as I get in the bath, I completely escape the pressure and demands of the outside world.”

Another owner of the Ultimate Relaxation Experience, Donna, tells us about her experience.

“Since I put the bridge on my bath, all my friends have been asking where I got it. It isn’t just majorly relaxing, it also looks great. It definitely adds to the overall look of our bathroom”

And we couldn’t agree more about its chic look. We’ve seen these all over Instagram and they totally take your bathroom to the next level.

It’s easy to see why so many women are switching out the Spa for this Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

Where can you get The LuxeBath™ Ultimate Relaxation Experience?

LuxeBath™ only sells their bundle on their website.That means they cut out the middle man, and keep the price down for you. So you can pick up this relaxation set for less than the price of a single day at the spa, and enjoy it for years to come. 

LuxeBath™ have agreed to offer an exclusive discount to our readers. If you get the bundle today you could save more than $120. Your discount will be automatically applied when you visit their website.  

*Update: Since the LuxeBath™ Ultimate Relaxation Bundle started going viral, demand has been at an all time high. They could remove this special offer at any time, so make sure to take advantage of it today.

Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your LuxeBath™ Ultimate Relaxation Experience, return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

The LuxeBath™ Ultimate Relaxation Bundle has received a lot of publicity. So we suggest taking advantage of their sale while supplies are still available.

Please check their site to see if any stock is remaining.

Check Availability.

Click the link above or button below to see if LuxeBath™ is still offering their huge $120+ discount.

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