5 Reasons Why Thousands Are Ditching Flowers For This Mother’s Day Gift

It's time to ditch the standard flowers and chocolate, and get her a Mother's Day gift she'll actually use and cherish.  

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

“I got this from my daughter on Mother's day last year and I absolutely love it. I've been taking baths everyday with the bundle and it's so relaxing. I'd say its even better than the spa!

Amy W

1) It Provides Relaxation And Stress Relief For Her

The LuxeBath Bundle offers unparalleled comfort with its plush bath pillow and convenient bath bridge, turning a simple bath into a luxurious spa experience!

She'll be able to soak in relaxing water while laying on the heavenly soft pillow and sipping on wine.

Give her the gift of relaxation and self care.

2) It's Long Lasting, Unlike Flowers

Flowers wilt and fade away after one week, and chocolates are finished in one sitting.

Unlike traditional Mother's Day gifts like flowers or chocolates, this bath bundle provides a lasting source of relaxation and comfort that she can enjoy time and time again.

When ever she's in the mood for her own home spa day, she can set the bundle up in an instant!

Seeking a way to pamper myself and unwind from the daily grind, I discovered the LuxeBath Bundle and decided to treat myself. The first night, I set it up with a glass of wine, and the experience was transformative. Now, it's my cherished ritual every Friday, a perfect blend of relaxation and self-care.

- Maria G.

3) It Promotes Self-Care And "Me Time" 

By getting her this bath bundle as a gift, you'll be encouraging her to take some time for herself.

While soaking in the tub with the bath bundle, she'll say goodbye to:

- Over thinking

- Stress

- Racing thoughts

- Anxiety

- Mental Fatigue

4) It's Thoughtful and personal gift for her!

Give her the LuxeBath Bundle, a gift that speaks to her need for comfort and relaxation. 

This thoughtful gesture shows you value her well-being and happiness, providing her with endless moments of peace and tranquility. 

It's not just a gift; it's a personal statement of love and appreciation, ensuring she feels cherished every time she uses it

5) It's on a special self care deal where the $80 bath pillow is FREE

The last reason that the Luxebath Bundle is a great gift is because there is a really amazing deal going on. 

When you get the bundle today, you'll receive the $80 bath pillow FOR free... making it an incredible deal.

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